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In my own life, photography has always been about documenting moments in time. The birth of my twin sons inspired me to learn the ins and outs of my camera.

My experiences these past ten years have made me a more skilled and polished photographer. More importantly, though, my experiences have given me a unique and focused approach to photography.
My ultimate goal as your photographer is to capture images that are personal and distinctive. I want to create photographs that will still give you goosebumps when you look back on them in twenty years. And I want you to love them not only because they're gorgeous, but also because they are unmistakably yours! 

ABOUT emily





There's just something about shoes that can transform you as soon as they are slipped on!  As grueling as they can sometimes make my feet feel, I love the confidence, and height, they give me.  Currently obsessing over Manolo Blahnik's African inspired Spring collection...they have me drooling!


Growing up in Charleston, I've always enjoyed watching the sunsets. I've been fortunate enough to live either on the river or close to a river, so some evenings you can find me on my paddle board or putting around in a john boat waiting for the sky to catch on fire!

Charleston Sunsets

I wish I could say I painted this...isn't it beautiful! I'm obsessed with watercolors and the imperfectness of the art. I commissioned my talented friend, Molly Joseph with MoJo Fine Arts, to paint a bride's bouquet.


Sometimes my family enjoys dessert for dinner. Not kidding! There are days when I just crave a big bowl of double chocolate brownie ice cream and I'm really not in the mood to think about cooking a proper dinner. I get my sweet tooth fix AND I become the favored parent for the week ;) 


I know, strange right? But I grew up a tomboy tromping through the woods as a kid looking for adventure. I still enjoy the woods to this day! It elicits all the senses...I just love listening to the chatter of birds, smelling the blooms of jasmine, seeing vibrant leaves and tangled vines. It's so peaceful!

The Woods